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  • Bazil wrote 03.07.2019, 18:34: #1

    Phobias are in the minor league. Do better.

  • Arat wrote 04.07.2019, 16:28: #2

    A solar flare causes a worldwide electromagnetic pulse. Power grid is gone. Computers are useless. All communications are down. Electronics are fried. Immediately, your car won't start. Street lights and traffic signals gone. Within a week, your grocery store is empty. Without power, anything not taken spoils. That neighbor you waved to is getting hungry and he has four children and a wife to feed. It would be a scary world.

  • Dohn wrote 30.06.2019, 01:16: #3

    Good comment.couldn't agree more.

  • JoJole wrote 04.07.2019, 08:03: #4

    para establecer el vinculo y cachondearnos rico rico, besos

  • Nill wrote 30.06.2019, 16:12: #5

    You did the sad face like I did, lol. I got a fresh splat of cum to my face. It’s it in my album called cum dump.

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